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A subsidiary to High Lonesome Enterprise

Veteran Owned and Operated

Tom and Edie Gustason, Owners





Want to impress your friends at your next gathering?

Include wines (2018) produced from the High Lonesome Vineyard and enjoy it amongst the legends of Southeastern Arizona.

Call  us at 909-557-4872 for inquiries.  We are open 7 days a week for those of you who want to view Phase 1.

Born out of our love of fine wines and delicious food, High Lonesome Vineyard is in the process of becoming the premiere location for fine wines in Southeastern Arizona. After traveling the world and sampling different wines, we decided to make our way back home and bring the world to us.


Our biggest challenge was finding the right, high-quality grapes for the wines we wanted to produce. Hence, our connection with Double A Vineyards, Nova Vines and Vintage Nursery. We are dedicated to offering only the finest and freshest grapes and wine. We have also taken great care in assembling a team of only the most committed and dedicated network personnel possible. 

High Lonesome Vineyard, a subsidiary of High Lonesome Enterprise, is located about 15 miles east of Tombstone, Arizona and 8 miles west of Elfrida, Arizona. Consisting of approximately 36 acres of rich sandy loam soil this area is sitting in a fertile valley surrounded on the south and west by the Mule and Whetstone Mountains, on the north by the Dragoon Mountains and on the east by the Swisshelm and Chiricahua Mountains. At an elevation of about 4,300 feet the area experiences a four season climate with summer temperatures seldom exceeding 100 degrees.


High lonesome Vineyard wine grapes will be 100% grown in Southeastern Arizona.

Our Story

Owners, Tom and Edie Gustason

"There is absolutely no substitute for the best. Good wine cannot be made of inferior ingredients masked with high flavor. It is true thrift to use the best ingredients available and to waste nothing." - James Beard